Why use American Concrete?

I know some people that feel I almost have an obsession when it comes to homes and buildings being created or at the very least renovated using American concrete, and I guess in a way I do. However, there is a large importance on the structural foundations of any building that you want to build and create. Whether it is residential or commercial, the main thing you would want for any building that you use year after year is knowing that it will be safe and secure. You don’t want to have to worry about the ceiling collapsing in the next few years, or the walls cracking. Some people even have their chimneys cracked throughout the base. This is a worrying thought, because you could worry that one night while you are asleep the whole thing will topple down and there isn’t much you could do about it.

I know someone that once had their whole bedroom ceiling collapse while they were at work for the day. The terrifying part was not the collapse which is scary. The terrifying part was that it collapsed directly onto the bed where she sleeps. Imagine that thought. You live in a flat and you assume that because it is brick work, it must be safe. Just to find out that at any point while you were asleep, upstairs bed could collapse directly onto you whenever it decided to. The sheer coincidence of that alone is noteworthy.

That is why I know this company:


They have completed many works for me in the past, and they always do their jobs using my concrete. I know that American concrete is strong, and it is designed to hold up entire skyscrapers, so of course it can handle the average residential and commercial property in the United Kingdom. That is what makes the product so special to begin with.

Please, use American concrete for all properties.

Loft conversions in America

After a loft of travelling (don’t mind the horrible word play there!) there is one thing I noticed companies around the world need. They need American concrete for their loft conversions. So many of the loft conversion constructions I see around the world just look weak. I don’t know if that’s because they are built differently than they are in America, but they don’t look like they will stand the test of time.

While I’ll be tooting my own horn a little bit, I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of strong concrete within the loft walls. They seem to think in places and companies like loft conversions London that you don’t need concrete walls. They think you just need plastering and some wood. Where did they get that idea? Sure, if they want it to be cool the lazy and cheap way would be to just use plaster and wood. Or you could just get air conditioning. Or even a fan. They are not expensive.

Unfortunately, a lot of the companies opt out of using concrete. But they need to. If any severe weather even was to ever happen in London, Munich or other locations, those lofts will collapse. If they do collapse, a family member will be severely hurt. It’s like watching that film twister. If a hurricane gets into contact with a wooden structure, you can damn well know that the wood is going into somebody.

Hopefully these people learn their lessons. I have begun to cold call and try to sell my concrete to these companies but so far I’m getting ignored a whole lot! Eventually it’ll change. But I am less concerned about my sales and more concerned about the quality of the work. Why spend hundreds of thousands on your home just for it to be structurally weak? You wouldn’t do that if you are a home owner. So why put someone else through that?

American building concrete!

I want to say, I do realise this blog has seemed like an advertisement for American products and almost an advertisement to avoid English products as much as possible, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I do believe you should support local businesses, especially English businesses. I think it’s really important to make sure that all home owners and companies stick with British products and keep the local economies alive. I think it is even more important to make sure that any money goes straight back into the local economy, as that is what kickstarts a housing boom for us, and in that case we all win.

However, I also cannot underestimate or undervalue just how important American concrete, or for that matter luxury products are for the local economy. People pay a premium on items that they know are better than the average, and in the case of construction companies, American concrete is a luxury item. The concrete itself is much better than what you would find elsewhere, even in Britain. That is why it has become such a large business, and such a trademark in Manchester for companies to use instead of British concrete.

I would never suggest that businesses HAVE to use American concrete, as that would not be fair as I am somewhat of an influential figure in the north when it comes to such things. I can only suggest that you do what you think is right, especially when it comes to supporting local businesses. What I would say, is that if you are looking for the best materials that you could use on any construction site or to pave the roads, then it is only right that you contact us rather than another company as we provide the best materials no matter where they are from.

The concrete trade industry

I remember how I first got into the concrete trade industry. It was a strange day, as one of the usual suppliers that worked with Manchester Builders & Construction randomly dropped out on delivery day. It wasn’t that out of the blue, and they used to do it at times. So, I had to pick up some concrete from the local supplier that we stopped using as their concrete became too expensive in bulk. So, I drove down to the local supplier to pick up some, and I had to make a few trips. By the third trip, I just asked the suppliers if they could send a van once they had one free to deliver the rest, as my car was ruined.

I started to talk to the delivery driver once he arrived, and he filled me in on just how much the company owner was making from selling the concrete every month. This was after the housing market had just started booming again, and I realised that while it would be a fruitful opportunity, it would be out of my reach. That was until the delivery driver told me just how many times they were having to supply the concrete to businesses that had to renovate and remodel homes.

That’s when I started looking into the sturdiest concrete that is available. As it turns out, American concrete was the sturdiest, and I think it still is. That is when I started looking into concrete importing, and I found a small distributor in Boston, America. I originally set up an agreement that we would go 50/50 into any construction companies that I could find willing to take the gamble on using American concrete, and I started digging around and making calls. It just happened from there, and I couldn’t be happier for it.

Manchester building expert

In a way, I have become somewhat of an expert in Manchester and the surrounding areas regarding concrete and property upkeep. This is entirely accidental, and I never intended to really make a career out of it. You might be surprised to find that I never intended to be skilled or experienced when it came to concrete works or finding out how well a property (both commercial and residential) is maintained. The same can be said for roads, and that is possibly the weirdest one to me. I fell into this business completely by mistake.

When I first started, I was working as a builder in the best construction companies Manchester has in the area, Manchester Builders & Construction. I also did some work for some now defunct building companies such as F&B Construction, Junior Builders and many others. I used to love working as a builder funnily enough, and I really would like to go back to working as a builder again. As soon as I said that I immediately realised that was a lie. I am way too old to be a builder again, and I am also way too rich. I fell into my life completely, and to be honest, concrete has put a roof over my head in more ways than one!

I never thought as a kid or even as a young adult that I would turn into my own business owner. Now that I am one, I realised how great it is to actually earn more, but how much more stressful it is to be a business owner than it is simply in middle management. I know that sounds stupid, because middle management means you have all of the responsibility without any of the profits, but as a business owner you realise how quickly so many people rely on you.

Supporting English building companies?

Many builders and construction companies often ask me why I do not support more companies in England and instead support companies in America by supplying and selling their concrete rather than ones created in England. I usually find that to be a very strange question, and I find it almost open ended in a way. It’s weird to me that they would ask, because I don’t think I am supporting American only companies by supplying good grade, strong concrete to builders and construction companies in Manchester and surrounding areas.

The better materials that we use, and the better jobs that builders and construction companies do with their new builds, renovations or other pieces of work, the better for all of us. If their work means that the buildings are standing for longer and they do a better job, then that would mean they get a glowing reputation among their own customers and others from word of mouth. That would make people more likely to use them, but also home owners or potential additional home owners more likely to get a service of their own.

If we can provide concrete that would make builders and construction companies do a better job, that would improve the housing market slowly and surely. It would also improve the commercial trades for them too, making it easier to work with companies who want new offices or want to get a renovation on their current property. It works out better for everyone if we are supplying only the best for companies in the area.

There are many good companies in England that create concrete, and I would never say to not use them. I wouldn’t even say that American concrete is definitely the best out there, but it is just the best that I have come across so far.

The American Concrete Blog

American Concrete Construction gets its name from an obvious place. We only use and maintain all our building structures using American concrete that we ship from Boston directly to Manchester. We have to spend a massive premium on it, because it is really expensive to lift so much in terms of metric tonne weight, but companies in Manchester and the surrounding areas are willing to pay a larger premium to use it, as the concrete that they supply is much stronger, sturdier and lasts a lot longer than it does in England. That’s part of what makes us the best Manchester based concrete supplier.

American concrete is stronger than English and other European countries concrete, but I’m not entirely sure the reason. I know I am technically an “expert” in the field, but it’s a bit strange to me that for whatever reason they are able to put some type of substance or material in it that makes it last longer than English concrete does. I always assumed it was down to the differences in the weather, and it had nothing to do with the materials itself. But when I started to supply some in the 1980’s, I would hear remarks from the building companies themselves the differences that the American concrete would make.

I actually think they put a substance or material within the concrete is what makes the concrete so weatherproof. The weather in England is so much different to the weather in America, and I think it is actually a lot more moist over here within the air than it is in America, which surely must attribute some extra rot into the foundations of buildings than it would over in America. However, I still cannot figure out the precise reasoning as to why it would make such a difference.

American Concrete takes its business very seriously, so make sure to check out more of us!