Loft conversions in America

After a loft of travelling (don’t mind the horrible word play there!) there is one thing I noticed companies around the world need. They need American concrete for their loft conversions. So many of the loft conversion constructions I see around the world just look weak. I don’t know if that’s because they are built differently than they are in America, but they don’t look like they will stand the test of time.

While I’ll be tooting my own horn a little bit, I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of strong concrete within the loft walls. They seem to think in places and companies like loft conversions London that you don’t need concrete walls. They think you just need plastering and some wood. Where did they get that idea? Sure, if they want it to be cool the lazy and cheap way would be to just use plaster and wood. Or you could just get air conditioning. Or even a fan. They are not expensive.

Unfortunately, a lot of the companies opt out of using concrete. But they need to. If any severe weather even was to ever happen in London, Munich or other locations, those lofts will collapse. If they do collapse, a family member will be severely hurt. It’s like watching that film twister. If a hurricane gets into contact with a wooden structure, you can damn well know that the wood is going into somebody.

Hopefully these people learn their lessons. I have begun to cold call and try to sell my concrete to these companies but so far I’m getting ignored a whole lot! Eventually it’ll change. But I am less concerned about my sales and more concerned about the quality of the work. Why spend hundreds of thousands on your home just for it to be structurally weak? You wouldn’t do that if you are a home owner. So why put someone else through that?