The concrete trade industry

I remember how I first got into the concrete trade industry. It was a strange day, as one of the usual suppliers that worked with Manchester Builders & Construction randomly dropped out on delivery day. It wasn’t that out of the blue, and they used to do it at times. So, I had to pick up some concrete from the local supplier that we stopped using as their concrete became too expensive in bulk. So, I drove down to the local supplier to pick up some, and I had to make a few trips. By the third trip, I just asked the suppliers if they could send a van once they had one free to deliver the rest, as my car was ruined.

I started to talk to the delivery driver once he arrived, and he filled me in on just how much the company owner was making from selling the concrete every month. This was after the housing market had just started booming again, and I realised that while it would be a fruitful opportunity, it would be out of my reach. That was until the delivery driver told me just how many times they were having to supply the concrete to businesses that had to renovate and remodel homes.

That’s when I started looking into the sturdiest concrete that is available. As it turns out, American concrete was the sturdiest, and I think it still is. That is when I started looking into concrete importing, and I found a small distributor in Boston, America. I originally set up an agreement that we would go 50/50 into any construction companies that I could find willing to take the gamble on using American concrete, and I started digging around and making calls. It just happened from there, and I couldn’t be happier for it.