Manchester building expert

In a way, I have become somewhat of an expert in Manchester and the surrounding areas regarding concrete and property upkeep. This is entirely accidental, and I never intended to really make a career out of it. You might be surprised to find that I never intended to be skilled or experienced when it came to concrete works or finding out how well a property (both commercial and residential) is maintained. The same can be said for roads, and that is possibly the weirdest one to me. I fell into this business completely by mistake.

When I first started, I was working as a builder in the best construction companies Manchester has in the area, Manchester Builders & Construction. I also did some work for some now defunct building companies such as F&B Construction, Junior Builders and many others. I used to love working as a builder funnily enough, and I really would like to go back to working as a builder again. As soon as I said that I immediately realised that was a lie. I am way too old to be a builder again, and I am also way too rich. I fell into my life completely, and to be honest, concrete has put a roof over my head in more ways than one!

I never thought as a kid or even as a young adult that I would turn into my own business owner. Now that I am one, I realised how great it is to actually earn more, but how much more stressful it is to be a business owner than it is simply in middle management. I know that sounds stupid, because middle management means you have all of the responsibility without any of the profits, but as a business owner you realise how quickly so many people rely on you.