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American Concrete Construction gets its name from an obvious place. We only use and maintain all our building structures using American concrete that we ship from Boston directly to Manchester. We have to spend a massive premium on it, because it is really expensive to lift so much in terms of metric tonne weight, but companies in Manchester and the surrounding areas are willing to pay a larger premium to use it, as the concrete that they supply is much stronger, sturdier and lasts a lot longer than it does in England. That’s part of what makes us the best Manchester based concrete supplier.

American concrete is stronger than English and other European countries concrete, but I’m not entirely sure the reason. I know I am technically an “expert” in the field, but it’s a bit strange to me that for whatever reason they are able to put some type of substance or material in it that makes it last longer than English concrete does. I always assumed it was down to the differences in the weather, and it had nothing to do with the materials itself. But when I started to supply some in the 1980’s, I would hear remarks from the building companies themselves the differences that the American concrete would make.

I actually think they put a substance or material within the concrete is what makes the concrete so weatherproof. The weather in England is so much different to the weather in America, and I think it is actually a lot more moist over here within the air than it is in America, which surely must attribute some extra rot into the foundations of buildings than it would over in America. However, I still cannot figure out the precise reasoning as to why it would make such a difference.

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